Spaces Within

Jewelry For Spaces

Spaces Within is a Stockholm-based design brand that offers a range of handles, knobs, and architectural hardware that embodies timeless elegance and simplicity. With a focus on creating “jewellery for spaces,” co-founders Nadja Bari and Karin Wallenbeck have set out to explore refined, essential designs that bring a distinct and poetic touch to modern interiors.

Crafted by expert artisans in Florence, each piece is made from high-quality brass and polished nickel, and features organic, minimal shapes that seamlessly blend with contemporary design. Whether updating an existing piece of furniture or adding a unique touch to a room, Spaces Within’s sculptural hardware serves as a beautiful and functional way to elevate any interior.

“Limber is a graceful and elegant handle, with a curved profile and straight front line that gives it a unique character. Limber looks beautiful when placed vertically on cabinets and horizontally on drawers.   ”

The blunt knob exudes a harmonious balance with its oval shape. This classical yet refined design brings a sense of ease that complements a variety of spaces. Blunt can be placed vertically on cabinets or horizontally on drawers for a stunning addition to your space. The knob’s design is also ideal for long drawers, working perfectly as a pair of two.

“Burly is an elegantly designed mini puller with a balanced combination of sturdiness and fluidity. Its concave detailing on the inside adds a touch of sophistication and enhances its tactility. ”

Prim is a charming handle with a unique character that exudes joy. Its warm amber tone and natural-looking aged matte finish make it an ideal addition to any wardrobe or antique furniture.